Montag, 14. April 2014

polkadots on baker street

Hello everyone,

how are you?
Well, Monday is not exactly the best day to ask this question huh?!
I'm tired and my abs hurt because of yesterday's workout. I believe this Youtube video has trained muscles in my body that I have never ever used before. Damn you, "60 minutes abs, legs and butt with Linda" (in German: Bauch, Beine, Po mit Linda, sehr effektiv)!

To brighten up this weather-wise crazy Monday (sun, rainstorm, sun, rainstorm...) I chose one of my favourite dresses, the navy/white polkadot number my mum gave me back in 2011 for my first business trip to Budapest. I added a denim shirt and the lovely aztec print wool blazer I got at the Esprit outlet after Christmas 2012 and I was ready to go. Funny how this outfit combines a piece from each of the last three years.

I admit the light fabric sneakers were not the best choice for a stormy rainy spring day, but they are supercomfy and go with lots of outfits, so I was stubborn and put them on. Luckily I spent most of today indoors.

Last but not least I would like to introduce you to my new lipstick: P2 Pure Color in "Baker Street". I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, this alone was enough to make me buy this shade. P2 is one of the cheapest brands on the German market, however I was positively surprised about the really nice creamy texture and richness in colour of this lipstick. Although it's not one of these superstay products it lasts pretty long too, survives snacks and cigarette breaks. And to be honest they have such a lovely colour palette that I bought "Oxford Street", a rich deep red, too. So, these lipsticks? Highly recommended! 

Have a nice day loves!


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Freitag, 11. April 2014

red jumper look with sammydress

Hi guys!

A little while ago I agreed on cooperating with an online shop called - they offer everything a fashion blogger's heart could wish for. I gladly ordered this gorgeous deep red cable knit jumper (along with two necklaces, one of which you've already seen in my previous post).
And this is the outfit I put together with my new jumper:

First of all I'm a sucker for cozy chunky knit pieces anyway and then of course I really love the colour, such a perfect shade of red that really compliments my complexion and hair.
At the moment we have chilly spring weather here in Germany, so I've been combining the jumper with different skirts and dresses to look springy but still stay warm.
Thanks Sammydress for this great transition piece!

If you like the jumper or if you are just looking for some new wardrobe staples you should definitely check out the Sammydress website (there is a big sale going on with bargains galore).
The shipping to Germany took a bit longer, somewhere between 5 and 7 weeks, but the quality of the jumper is surprisingly good for being polyester, so it was worth waiting.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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Sonntag, 6. April 2014

resurrection: I'm back!

Hello everybody!

I'm back, woohoo!
The broken foot / bachelor hiatus was longer than expected, but now my foot has recovered and the bachelor thesis is handed in, so I've finally got my life back.
Somehow I'm still not completely back to the normal "Carina Mode" because it's only been two days since I handed in my bachelor thesis. I've spent almost every evening in the last five weeks writing this thesis and put all my spare time and energy into it. Now that it's over I sometimes sit at home and don't know what do with my time (luxury, I know) because my main task is performed. I just have to wait for the grade.

Not much else has happened in the last weeks during my absence.
My boyfriend had to go back home to Australia, so I spent lots of time skyping.
I've also started to spend more time on cooking and working out again because I've gained 6 kilos (yup, ouch!). I wasn't able to work out with my broken foot and I did some good comfort eating to compensate the bachelor stress - but the dog days are over now!
I found some really good workout videos on Youtube and I've stocked up on fruits and veggies.
Goodbye pizza and fries, hello low-carb diet.

As for the outfit: In case you like the shirt , it's on sale in H&M stores at the moment, they marked it down to 7€. It's made of soft jersey and has 3/4 sleeves, so it's a perfect spring piece.

This outfit is pretty much what you could call my uniform, I love shirt-cardi-skirt combos with a belt and sneakers. The cute little star necklace is a courtesy of Sammy Dress. You will see me in more of their fashion in the next post.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!


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Sonntag, 9. Februar 2014


Hey folks!

I'm sorry it's been a bit quiet round the blog again lately, but at the moment I have to recover from a little martial arts accident where I broke my foot.
I'll have to wear this splint for some more weeks, but as soon as I can walk properly again I will try to take outfit pics. Until then I'll maybe post a recipe or two, but I can't promise it because the deadline for my bachelor thesis and my boyfriend's day of departure are drawing nearer (we won't see each other for some months, so spending time with him is pretty important to me at the moment).
Anyways, I will be back very soon loves.

Until next time,


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Sonntag, 26. Januar 2014

the rooftop wraps around because the sky is just the ground

Ello folks,

how are you? Did you have a nice weekend?
Remember when I was complaining about life getting in the way of my plans in the last post? Well, this time it got in the way big time! Right after posting my last post on Wednesday I headed for my weekly martial arts class - and came back hobbling.
I lost balance when we practiced punch defence, twisted my ankle and fell, then hobbled home. The next day I couldn't walk at all, so I hobbled to the hospital and they found out the right foot is broken.
I never had a broken bone in my life before, so I didn't know how annoying such a cast and crutches are - but damn do these things suck! I'm so looking forward to getting a splint instead next Thursday.
So since Thursday I've been staying at home in my pyjamas, putting my foot up and sipping on chai latte. I've been really lazy (the doc said I shouldn't move unless it's really necessary) and I'm very lucky that Jay is here to help me with all the little daily life things that are so much harder when you can't walk.
Have you ever tried to carry a mug of chai latte from the kitchen to the bedroom jumping? Fun fun fun! Especially when you spill half of it along the way...
The good thing about a broken foot is that you have lots of time to do stuff like editing photos, blogging and browsing. I don't really feel like taking outfit pictures at the moment, but luckily I still had these photos from Wednesday up my sleeve.
When I have to read for my bachelor thesis I like to do it on a cozy little coffee break because my concentration works much better with everyday life sounds around. So Jay and I went to one of my favourite cafés around the corner and treated ourselves with Latte and cake.
I swear I will be so fat when I finish my thesis! We do that all of the time when I have to read. I love our little coffee shop outings, but I already know I'll have to work out more again after he has left for Australia.
But oh well, until then we enjoy our time, so some extra cake is alright I guess.
Nooo I'm totally not trying to sugarcoat the situation here.....not at all! ;)
The outfit is cute and comfy, exactly what I need for these little reading sessions. It includes one of my favourite big cozy cardigans that I got from the Urban Outfitters sale last year. There's just the right amount of wool in it to make it comfy and warm without making my poor sensitive skin feel itchy.
Also these are my new favourite shoes! I bought them on a little trip to Venlo (Netherlands) on New Year's Eve and have been living in them since then. Awesome bargain as they were only 30 €, yippie!
Like them?
See, that's the cake. Who could resist, hm?! Please make me feel good and say "No one!" at this point now. ;)

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!


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Mittwoch, 22. Januar 2014

a little piece of cheese cake

Hello lovelies!

Well, actually I wanted to post these photos yesterday but my monthly allergy injections knocked me down a bit too much, so I spent the evening in a sort of zombie mode in bed instead.
I hate it when I plan to do certain things on certain days and then life gets in the way, argh.
Anyway, these pics are from Sunday when my mum came to visit us. Jarryd and I took her to one of our favourite coffee shops to show her the yummy drinks and cakes there and we spent quite some time just hanging out and chatting.

It is not really winter here this year, that's why I was able to wear two pairs of light tights and the skirt without freezing my private parts off. I'm actually pretty disappointed because I was hoping for snow and cold, but oh well it seems the climate changes more and more each year, so that twenty years from now we'll probably be able to run around in bikinis in January.
Anyway, as for the outfit: it involves one of my favourite shirts ever and my new tote bag which was a Christmas gift from my friend Kate (thanks again dear!). It's black and white and there's an owl on it - could it be any better? No! :)

I'm off to my Wing Tsun training now.
Hope everyone is having a lovely day! :)


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