Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2014

what to wear for christmas

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Hello lovelies!

How are you? Can you believe Christmas is only  one more week away? Time flies!
So how about some last minute Christmas outfit inspiration anyone?

Choosing an outfit always depends on your plans of course but let's be honest: no matter where you celebrate, it won't hurt to wear a pretty dress right? Be it a fine dining restaurant, your grandma's living room, a public party, church etc. - wherever you go a chic dress can't be the wrong choice. Okay except for maybe voluntary work in the soup kitchen, fine! That goes without saying though, doesn't it?

My plans for Christmas are still a bit vague but I will, of course, spend it with Jarryd and his family because I'm sooo far away from my family and friends in Germany this year. I don't want to spoiler too much, but I will definitely wear two beautiful new dresses I bought in the sale some weeks ago.

To inspire you a bit I have looked through an online shop called PickeDresses which offers a wide range of the most stunning Prom Dresses. They ship internationally within approximately 4-8 working days so there is still time to order if you find the perfect frock girls.
As mentioned before I already have my dresses together for Christmas but I still took the opportunity to pick my two favourite prom dresses from their website to show you how I would style them. These two below are my picks and to make it more interesting I went for a short and a long dress.

I picked the yellow one because this colour would look amazing with my copper/blonde hair. Also the cut is very flattering for my body shape and will conceal a little gut after all the good Christmas food.
I am not a fan of rhinestones and sequins, so the subtle beads on the waist are a perfect little detail that's not too much kitsch.
The maxi dress caught my eye because of this unique shade of midnight blue, which is also a good colour choice for redheads like me. The cut and fit with the sexy bodice and the flowing skirt don't need much further ado to make you look elegant.

Golden Christmas

As I would like the dresses to look extra festive for Christmas I would go for golden accessories head to toes. I know I said I'm not a fan of rhinestones and sequins but I have to admit that a little dose of glitter glams up every look.

What do you think? Like the dresses?

Happy Wednesday!

Samstag, 6. Dezember 2014

my interview outfit

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Hello everyone!

How have you been?
I have some really awesome news to share with you today: I finally found a new job! Woohoo! My first real job as a graduate and also my first job abroad. And it's a good one too! I'll be a receptionist and office admin for a recruitung agency starting from next month. I really couldn't be happier, the office and the people are lovely. I signed my contract yesterday and can't wait for January now.
I was already panicking about my small budget but now I know I won't run out of money and will be able to stay in Australia for a while.

blouse: primark
necklace: kmart
belt: l.a. golden
skirt: h+m
shoes: h+m
bracelet: six

The outfit in the pictures has been my interview outfit for all kinds of job interviews so far, be it retail, hospitality or office position.
I have never been the classic business look girl, it's just not for me. Business pants are simply not possible on me because  my legs are two different sizes and office pants fabric turns out to be really unflattering for this problem (who knew?!)...
Furthermore I have this lip piercing which seems to be screaming "She is a criminal! She will rob you and kill your family!" into people's faces all of the time. Always makes me feel like I come across as a punk (business punk maybe?), which is not bad. Simply can't pull off a classic business outfit, just saying.
So I decided to be myself and make my outfit show it: classic black and white is always chic, some quirky jewelry and red nails make it "more me" and the brown leather belt adds a bit of my love for vintage to it. Add a pair of black flats that show I really am no high heels  girl et voilà, that's my business style.
I will always try hard to find an employer who respects my appearance and is interested in my skills rather than take out my piercing and change my style for somebody who doesn't care about my skills and just looks at my outside.

By the way: Do you see a Cannabis leaf in the necklace? I know it's not the exact shape and try to ignore it but I'm always afraid others will interpret it as a symbol of smoking weed. I'm not Miley Cyrus, people! I swear!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Sonntag, 30. November 2014

more of Perth's street art

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Hello people!

The weekend is almost over and there is nothing better than preparing a colourful post full of Perth's street art on a Sunday night for you!
Some of you might remember my first  post about Perth's street art. Well, I've been out and about a lot since then and discovered so much more. Graffitis and other street art awaits you behind every corner here! I learned that you just have to leave the main streets and look into backstreets, backyards and such.

Prince Lane

I stumbled upon Prince Lane by chance because I had just grabbed a yummy coffee at La Veen at King and was instagraming and not paying attention to where I was going. Then I turned left and suddenly found myself in this magical little alleyway that's jam-packed with beautiful colourful art on the walls!

Car Park on Murray Street
So after I had spent ages in Prince Lane taking a million pictures I went down Murray Street in my polkadot rain coat with my coffee in one and my camera in the other hand. After a short walk I came across a car park with lots of different graffitis spread all over the surrounding walls. It's amazing how a grey boring concrete place like a car park is turned into a public outdoor gallery, isn't it?

Wolf Lane

One of the many alleyways you can reach from Murray Street is Wolf Lane - such a cool place! There are lots of hip and quirky little cafés and even more street art pieces there! It's like entering a different world when you leave one of Perth's busiest shopping streets and take a step into this alley to find yourself in a little hipster heaven. 


I hope you enjoyed this second insight into Perth CBD's street art landscape? If yes make sure to drop in next time for more posts about the street art in other parts of the city, okay?!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Donnerstag, 27. November 2014

Kings Park

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Phew, what a busy week! I've been writing applications like crazy and it has payed off in an invitation to an interview tomorrow.  Not bad so far, we'll see what else will happen...
I've procrastinated it but today I would finally like to show you the picture-heavy post about my first visit to Perth's Kings Park, one of the largest inner city parks in the world.
Of course we were not able to walk through the whole park as it is unbelievable 4 square kilometres big. However we were able to roam around a bit and enjoy the flora and fauna.

dress: primark
cardigan: h+m
belt: thrifted
bag: ebay
tights: primark
shoes: vans

As a European this was all completely new to me because I had never seen any of the plants there before (only on TV maybe). We just don't have these flowers, bushes and trees in Germany. Also I'm not a very well-traveled person so I didn't even know any of these from visiting other countries.
Jarryd was able to name the different plants and birds for me which was very interesting.

I learned that the cute birdie in the picture above for example is a Galah cockatoo. Doesn't it look nice? Such a lovely shade of red/pink.
This little guy was hanging out on a tree branch with his buddy when we walked past. They were both quite tame and let us approach them to take pictures. As I'm a bit awkward about birds, Jarryd was so kind to take the pics for me.
Thanks Babe!

Another name I was able to keep in mind is Kangaroo Paw, that's the plant on the upper right in the picture above, the one with the funny looking arms. If you take a close look you can see that the tips of the arms look like a kangaroo's paw. Cool huh?!


Haha look at how our outfits match (and our hair colours anyway)! I didn't even notice that, I just saw it a second ago!  Both redheads and both wearing black/white/red clothes, awesome!
Well, as you can see we rocked the couple look and had a fun time at Kings Park. Can't wait to go back and see the rest of it, especially the amazing tree top walk! So looking forward to it!

Happy Thursday loves!

Montag, 24. November 2014

my must-have travel essentials

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my must-have travel essentials

Hello loves!

Today it's all about travelling here on Bad Taste Toast.
RelayRides asked me what my must-have travel essentials are - perfect timing! I have just moved to Australia, I'm a travel essentials pro now.
No matter if I travel by car, train or plane, I will always make sure I carry the following things with me to stay happy and fresh.

1. LIP BALM! - Oh my God, for some reason I didn't have lip balm on my 21 hour flight to Australia. My poor lips were so dry and really hurt from the permanent aircon breeze. It took me almost a week to rehydrate them again. Never again will I travel without lip balm!

2. Toothbrush - that actually should go without saying. I believe everybody needs a fresh mouth to feel good.

3. Neck pillow - for the little naps.

4. Sleeping mask - to make the little naps even more relaxing.

5. Hand cream - to keep the skin moistured, can be used for any other body part too.

6. Headphones - very important to tune out the noise if necessary (screaming kids, snoring seat neighbours etc., you know what I mean...)

7. Notepad and pen - this is a "me thing", I simply have to be able to scribble and write down sudden brainwaves, bucket lists and such.

8. A book - for example my favourite book "Angela's Ashes" by Frank McCourt. I could read it a million times and still love it!

9. Water - simple and very important. Drink it or splash it on your cheeks and temples for instant refreshment.

10. HTC One XL - my beloved smartphone that I need to kill time, listen music, blog etc.

11. Compact powder - to avoid a shiny nose after some hours of travelling.

12. Chewing gum - for a fresh breath and against this nasty pressure inside of your ears when travelling by plane.

Okay, so far so good, but you might ask yourself: "Why do they ask her about travel essentials?"
Well, let me help you with this one:

RelayRides is a peer-to-peer sharing car rental service with a growing airport rentals initiative to help people both make and save money while traveling.
I have seen this concept of peer-to-peer sharing services grow over the past years and love how it opens new doors for travellers.
I already knew the concept from accommodation portals and love it! So I was delighted to see RelayRides offers the same for cars too. It's awesome and so practical for travellers that they established airport rentals all over the USA too now! If you need to rent a car you can just use the app, choose from a wide range of different vehicles and pay less than with the commercial car rental companies.
 Also if you own a car and would like to earn some extra pocket money you can offer it via RelayRides for others to rent. It basically is a perfect win-win situation!

What do you think, do you like the idea? Would you use the RelayRides services? What are your travel essentials?

Happy Monday!

Freitag, 21. November 2014

a smoothie addicted non-smoker

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Hello lovelies!

It's Friday again and today I've been here in Australia for exactly one month! My Oz anniversary so to say. This also attends the fact that I've completed my first whole month as a non-smoker. Crazy right?
Before I came here I didn't shout from the rooftops that I was planning to quit smoking because I was really anxious I wouldn't succeed. So I rather kept quiet about it to keep the people's expectations low.
However when I arrived here it was the absolute opposite of what I had expected. I didn't have any problems at all, it was so crazy! No munchies, no wrecked nerves, no gain in weight, no cravings for nicotine, no need to put a replacement in my mouth. Nothing, nichts, nada.
I was so nervous because of all the horror stories I had heard about quitting and how some people had been trying forever without success, aargh... But it seems a good preparation is half the battle.
Everybody is different and there is no universal recipe for success, but in my case it helped that I had a certain deadline. I knew October the 23rd would be my last day as a smoker and I kept telling myself that I was forced to quit after that day which is true because here in Australia cigarettes are too expensive and would've killed my budget in no time. In the final weeks before my deadline I enjoyed my cigarettes more than ever and smoked a lot to exploit the situation. And after that, well, it sounds stupid but I simply stopped.
In a rush I had one last cigarette before we went to the airport, thinking I'd still be able to have an official last cigarette there. Well, I didn't. Also the farewell was tearing me up so I was distracted. What followed was a 21 hour flight on which I was not able to smoke at all anyways.
And that's the end of the story. It's crazy, I still can't believe it myself but I'm happy it was so easy after all.

dress: dottie
belt: h+m
bracelet: six
shoes: vans

What is even better: not only did I not gain weight, no, I lost weight. Yup, I know that's even crazier.

It's because I've become a sucker for homemade smoothies lately! For some reason I never owned a blender in the past three years.
Now that I live with Jarryd I can use his blender and have somehow developed this obsession for trying out lots of different smoothie and shake recipes. Over the past weeks I always had a minimum of two glasses homemade fruit and veggie smoothie per day. It's just so yummy and gives your body so many good nutrients. If you're a fan of this liquid fruit goodness too you might want to check out my Smoothies and Shakes Board on Pinterest.
We don't have a scale in the house so I can't be 100 % sure but when I look at my body in the mirror I would say I've lost 2-3 kilos in one months. I'm not consciously cutting down on sweets or something, I just love my smoothies so much that I rather drink them instead of snacking on cookies or chocolate. A very positive development if you ask me, I'm really happy about the outcome.

Okay, now let's talk fashion for a second! The dress in the pictures is one of my first Australian purchases. I have to be careful with spending money as long as I'm still unemployed but the other day I explored the city centre and all of its shops a bit. One of my new favourite stores is Dottie where I bought this lovely boho floral print number in the sale for only 10 $.
It was the last one of its kind so it was meant to be! It fits like a glove and is perfect for the recent Western Australian spring weather with a pair of black tights. I already wore it out to a lovely street festival last weekend and to meet Jarryd's family for dinner (where I got a compliment for my outfit, ha!).

How have you guys been? Do you have any cool plans for the weekend?
How do you like the dress?
Leave me a comment. :)

Happy Friday!

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