Donnerstag, 25. September 2014

autumn is here


I'm celebrating that autumn is finally here! I love it, it's my favourite season! I really couldn't wait to wear my boots and scarves again, so I took the chance when it was the first one of these lovely crisp sunny autumn mornings this year. It's the best to wrap yourself up in a cozy scarf and on the way to work grab a hot coffee to keep you warm from the inside. Fallen leaves in vibrant shades of red and yellow on the ground frame the pavement on my walk to the bus stop now. Autumn is such a beautiful sight!

It was the perfect occasion to wear my new dress! Well, it's not exactly new because I bought it second hand at the flea market some weeks ago for only 4 €, such a bargain. I'm a sucker for empire dresses and fell in love with the quirky floral print and button-up style on the spot.
Add boots, the beloved faux leather jacket and a cozy scarf and voilà: one of my new favourite autumn looks! Simple and cute.

As for life lately: It's my last days at the office now. Next Tuesday my internship and job as a student worker will be over and I will officially not be a student anymore, yay! Also I have lots of people here for an apartment showing everyday after work. My landlord asked me to find potential next tenants for him, so despite the stress I already have, I'm doing him the favour.

What's been going on with you guys lately?

have you already found some favourite autumn pieces for your closet?

Happy Thursday!

Mittwoch, 17. September 2014

the melancholic adventurous thinker


I've been happy and sad at the same time a lot lately. On the one hand I'm looking forward to exploring a new city, meeting new people and doing new things soon. On the other hand I'll miss my apartment, my friends and the places I've been frequenting for two years or longer now.
I'm not the happy-go-lucky kind of girl, I'm a melancholic thinker. I associate places with the good and bad memories I made there.
Eight years ago I moved here without knowing this city or any people at all. And look what I made of it: I have found some of my best friends in life here, shared beautiful and sad moments with them, have lived in lovely apartments,...
This is my homebase now. I have a network of friends and acquaintances, a variety of places I like to go and I have these little daily rituals that make you feel like you're in the right place everyday. In the course of the last two years I've started frequenting the bakery around the corner every morning to grab a coffee and now I chat with the lady who works there everyday and we have our little insiders. I know where my favourite products are in the supermarket shelves. I know the baristas at my favourite cafés, the shortcuts when I walk home from the old town at night.
All this is what makes me feel at home here. I love this place and will always feel at home when I return from wherever life takes me.

However there is another part of me. It's not such a big part of me, but it exists: I'm also an explorer. That's why I'm looking forward to going to Australia. I love to explore new places, find the cute little cafés, the street art pieces, the quirky little shops, meet interesting new people and accept new challenges.
I can't wait to roam new streets and get lost because that'll be such a nice change. I know all the streets and shops in my neighbourhood but I won't know any of this there. I want to go to the national parks of Western Australia and see the beautiful landscape. I want to go sightseeing. I want to go shopping in shops I've never seen before. Have coffees in new places. I want to send postcards home to let everyone know I'm having the time of my life.
I really hope it's all going to be like this. Life can come up with nasty surprises sometimes and I really hope it'll spare me and just let me be happy for once.

As for the outfit: it was really cold that day! You guys must think I'm crazy because I keep posting summer outfits and autumn outfits in turns but that really is the current weather here.
I wore this last week and it was cold and rainy, I even had to turn on the heating at night. This week it's the complete opposite again, warm, sunny and without a cloud in the sky.
I've put my scarf and boots back in the closet or now, but only God knows if I'll have to take them back out next week or not.

Happy Wednesday!

Dienstag, 9. September 2014

on transformers and idc


How have you been?
I have been working a lot and my life has been pretty stressful - but there is an end in sight! Only three weeks left until my student job and my internship will be over. After that I will only work at the frozen yoghurt shop and finally start to pack my life into boxes. I'll be leaving for Australia so soon, it's unbelievable!

Working seven days a week without a break has sucked the life out of me. I felt tired and tetchy because of work and of course this also influenced my private life. I felt bad about myself because I had an unhealthy diet, couldn't find the time or motivation to work out, had to go to bed early instead of meeting friends for a drink and had strenuous skype fights with the boyfriend. The world can be a bitch when you feel like that.

At some point I was so fed up with all of this shit that I decided something had to change. That's when I decided to go for the method of IDC. Sounds like a disease but actually is a really good way to tune out the bullshit in your life. So simple: I don't care.
No healthy diet? I don't care. There'll be the right time for that in the future but right now it's just not possible. No time or power to work out? I don't care. I will work out whenever I feel good enough and have the time to do it but I'm not Wonder Woman, so there's that. No time to meet friends because I have to go to bed early? I don't care. I'll stay up and have a good time anyway.

Life has been much better since I stopped caring about all the little stressful details and about other people's issues too.
I might come across a bit defiant with this attitude, but: I don't care!

As for the outfit: this is a cute casual number I put together last week.
I stopped caring about my legs not being in shape and decided it was time to wear this skirt again.
I also really wanted to sport my Transformers shirt! It was not my favourite TV show when I was young - that was Power Rangers of course! - but I used to be a little tomboy and enjoyed watching big robots which could transform into cars. Against the majority who regarded Optimus Prime as the coolest of them all, I always preferred Bumblebee because I loved the yellow/black combo on his robot body. My favourite Power Ranger also was the yellow one.
Can you imagine Trini the yellow Power Ranger, her Megazord the Sabertooth Tiger and Bumblebee together in a show? That would be yellow comic power overkill! They could go on yellow adventures together! I would have loved that as a wait, I still would!

Anyways, enough nerddom for today.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Dienstag, 2. September 2014

Bad Taste Toast End of Summer Giveaway

badtastetoast summer giveaway title

Hello my dear readers!

Today I have a special giveaway for you to say thank you for following along and supporting my little blog here!
I have sorted out lots of clothing, accessories and shoes already because I want to get rid of everything I don't need anymore before I go to Australia in autumn. When I looked through my hair accessories box I found these two lovely headbands and couldn't remember if I have ever worn them at all. They are so pretty but I rarely ever wore headbands before I got my bangs and I definitely have never worn any with bangs so these two must still be brand-new (at least that's what they look like).
Very cute pieces but I don't need them so I thought why not give them away to my readers?!
A not sponsored personal giveaway from me to you!

Okay, I admit I put them on to take these pics for you guys. But despite my egg head they still look like brand-new. The floral one is Primark and the braided one is H&M by the way.

One lucky winner will receive both headbands!
This giveaway is open for international entries
and will be closed on September the 14th 2014.

Enter here:

Happy Tuesday!

Mittwoch, 27. August 2014

don't put down your guns yet

Bad Taste Toast outfit post title


People, work is taking its toll. After almost five weeks I can feel that working so much is driving me crazy. The last couple of days were full of stress and emotional ups and downs and eventually yesterday it happened: my keys were gone.
I came home from work, stood in front of the house door and my keys were gone. Nowhere to be found. I was close to tears because it had been a really crappy day already - but the missing keys were the icing on top!
I rang my neighbour's doorbells and someone let me in so I was at least able to enter the staircase. Lo and behold! My next door neighbour had left a note for me on the notice board: I had left my keys on my apartment door in the morning!
I'm such an idiot! Luckily she kept the keys until I came home. You can't imagine what horror scenarios of an empty apartment and all my money and stuff gone went through my head! I actually keep my money in the bank and not at home but I was panicking so whatever.

Now I've decided to go to bed earlier, get more rest and pay more attention to my physical and mental state of health until this stressful time is over. Over the last couple of weeks I've simply tried to get too much stuff done all at once. To avoid key incidents or similar catastrophes I'll write to-do lists and categorize them into different levels of importance.

Speaking of work: my internship has been awesome so far! I've optimized our company's event pages on XING (German version of LinkedIn), created posts for different event blogs, learned a lot about SEO (search engine optimization) and - drumroll - I got my own intern blog, so cool! The website will be launched next week and I'll blog about my experiences as an Online Marketing intern. Doing blogger stuff as a real job and getting paid for it is pretty much everything I was wishing for. Now I definitely know what kind of job I want for the future.

So as you can see my life has been full of positive and negative things (in turns) lately but in general I'm still doing okay enough to push on through and make the best of it until the end of September.
Nevertheless I really can't wait for October because I'll have so much more time again. I'll only work 2-3 days a week and use my spare time to spend it with family and friends to have some farewell celebrations before I hop into the plane at the end of October and leave Europe behind.

By the way the outfit is autumnal just like the weather here. I broke my shopping ban to buy this beautiful floral dress last week... I'm speechless in my own defence here, just couldn't resist the lovely print.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Sonntag, 24. August 2014

preparations for a year down under - an update on my australia plans

preparations for a year down under - an update on my australia plans blog post title australia on the world map down under post


I haven't mentioned my move to Australia lately but many of you asked if it's still on, so: yes!
Let me give you an update:

The visa
I received the confirmation for my work and travel visa some weeks ago. It will be valid for one year and enables me to work in whatever job I want as long as I don't work in the same job for longer than six months.
Usually you have to apply for a visa on some government website but I was given the good advice to contact the Australian Shop in Cologne. You pay some extra money and they take care about all the application stuff for you. All I had to do was wait for their email and print it out, so I didn't have any stress at all.

You can find more info about different visas online at the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

australian kangaroos at the beach down under post

The flight
I'm lucky to be friends with a travel agent. She was so kind to find an awesome flight offer for me. The flight is the most expensive part about going to Australia, so I'm glad I was able to book it three months in advance. It's like with other flights too: the earlier you book, the cheaper it will be.
Especially for people with a limited visa I recommend looking for an Open Return Ticket. You pay for both flights (there and back) now and then you're able to freely choose a date for the return flight within one year starting from the day you took the outward flight.
I paid about 1000 € in total now and the advantage is that I don't have to worry about the return flight as it's already safe now.
In total my flight will take about 19,5 hours (including a two hours stop in Abu Dhabi to change aircraft), which is long but still one of the shortest flights available.

If you need some more advice: this little booking guide for flying to Australia is really helpful too.

cityscape australia down under post

The plans
I will leave at the end of October and move in with my boyfriend in Perth. He has already rented a cute little house for us, hence I don't have to worry about a thing accommodation-wise. 
I have saved up some money to bring me through the first few weeks there without a job.
However I will start looking for a job as soon as possible (maybe even apply online before I leave Germany) because I'm anxious about being unemployed and broke after a while.
My dream is to find a marketing position or at least another internship but if it fails I'll take café or retail jobs too to stay financially stable.
Jarryd and I also plan to go on trips so he can show me the country. Sydney and Melbourne are definitely on the bucket list as well as lots of places in Western Australia. Maybe even a trip over to New Zealand if I have enough money.

I'm really looking forward to going to Oz so soon!
By the way I'm not planning to move over forever (yet) and also my visa doesn't let me anyway, so I'll be back to Germany after a year (I also wouldn't want to waste the return flight because it's already paid).
Nobody knows what will come afterwards, we will see... 

'straya down under post picture

Here are some more helpful links in case you are planning to go to Australia:

SEEK (biggest Australian job website)
Gumtree (Australia's version of Craigslist)
Australia on Pinterest (to inspire your personal bucket list)
Fit For Travel (advice on vaccinations)
Australian Slang Words (weird and sometimes funny vocabulary)

If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments and I will answer them.

Happy Thursday!

Donnerstag, 21. August 2014

foxes and lace

foxes and lace outfit post title badtastetoast blog

A fox print cardigan and white lace dress outfit on BadTasteToast.

Hello guys!

It's still August but this outfit shows that I am getting all excited and ready for autumn. It's the same as every year: I can't wait for cozy chunky knit pieces, all the hot pumpkin latte goodness, colourful fallen leaves and wrapping myself up in huge scarves to take a walk through the streets in cold weather. I love it! Hopefully I'll get as much autumn as possible before I leave for Australia.
outfit post foxes and lace photo with lace dress and fox print cardigan
foxes and lace outfit post details on clothing
foxes and lace outfit post on badtastetoast half body picture

I see the new collections with lovely coats, boots and cardigans in the shop windows everywhere and feel really tempted to stock up on warm pieces but always have to promise myself to not break my shopping ban. I also won't really need autumn/winter clothes as it will be summer in Perth when I go there. Soon I'll be wearing breezy dresses again, it seems so unreal to me.

foxes and lace outfit - twirling in the white lace dress
foxes and lace outfit post on BadTasteToast accessories detail shot

What about you? Have you already bought some nice pieces for the colder season? What are your favourite autumn trends this year?
Leave me your replies in the comments.

Happy Thursday!
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